Question of the Week: Morning routine made easy


Every Wednesday I post a nutrition-related question from one of my readers and answer it. Since this is the first post, I’ll start:

How do I make my morning routine not so hectic while getting myself and my young children ready?

I recommend brushing teeth and getting them dressed (including brushing hair, etc.) as soon as they wake up. Once they’re ready, have them eat their breakfast while doing whatever activity they usually do in the morning, whether it’s watching TV, coloring, playing with building blocks, or just roaming around the house looking for something to destroy.

Here are some suggestions for food that doesn’t spill, drip or ooze:

1. Cheerios & raisins in a no-spill container (or a ziplock bag) and a sippy with milk.

2. Cheese & crackers, plus fruit cut up into bite -size pieces. Make sure the fruit is not too juicy, like overripe peaches & clementines. Good options are: bananas, strawberries, blueberries, hard peaches & plums.

3. Whole-wheat wraps with hummus or melted cheese. Make sure to spread lightly so it doesn’t ooze from the bottom. Add to this a piece of fruit like apple or pear slices.

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