Product of the Week: Salsa


Over and over I hear nutritionists singing the praises of salsa – and rightfully so; low in calories and fat and high in antioxidants – salsa is a great food to add to salads or as a dip with cut-up veggies. Unfortunately, I only like salsa if I can dip chips in it. I’ve tried them all: mild, medium, fire-hot…but there is one type that I absolutely love and can eat straight with a spoon: Desert Pepper’s Corn Black Bean Roasted Pepper Salsa. It’s hearty, packed with flavor, and is spicy enough to give you that “wow, I can really handle spicy food” feeling before it turns into “WAAAATEEEEER!!!!!” (and by the way, water will never soothe a mouth burning from hot peppers. Drink some milk or have a little yogurt instead). Bottom line, this salsa is not only delicious and healthy, it can also make a great side dish if you heat it up a little.

Disclosure: I was not paid, nor did I receive any gifts to recommend these. I am not affiliated with the company in any way. All opinions are my own.

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