Beautiful skin and lips – with Fish Oils!


Eating certain types of fish or taking fish oils can have an extraordinary effect on on your brain, skin and, yes – even lips! Aside from Omega 3’s, fish oils contain a substance called DMAE. It provides protection against free radicals, has been clinically proven as a skin firmer and can give your skin a more youthful appearance. It may also aid in preventing and reducing age spots.

Some companies use it in their lip balms as a lip plumper and charge ridiculous amounts of money. I say: why spend all that money on a lip plumper if I can make my own? Since I take fish oils anyway, after I take the fish oils with a spoon, I rub what’s left over on my lips. Then I make sure not to kiss anyone (especially people I don’t know). I found that especially in the winter, when my lips tend to dry and flake, fish oils protect my skin and keep it pump and moist, so no need for collagen injections (Yay!)

DMAE is also known to improve mental functions. For example, it aids in learning and memory, so now you can be beautiful and smart!

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