Another Huffington Post Article: Food Therapy for Christmas Envy


Hanukkah is an uphill battle. How can we expect to win when we’re up against the glitter and sparkles of the Christmas trees, the holiday songs we all know by heart and those adorable red santa hats with the little pom poms we’re not allowed to wear? Christmas is beckoning us like a waterfall in the middle of the desert; it’s as if everyone is in on it, purposefully acting as if they’re having a good ole’ time while we watch with a parched mouth. As we have done in the past, in order to survive, we’re using up all of our ammunition: latkes, chocolate coins and presents. Lots and lots of them. Eight days’ worth, to be exact.

Is this helping at all? To be completely honest, not really. Whether we care to admit it or not, we all, at some point, have a little Christmas envy going on. For example, I have a friend who complains that she always feels deprived during the holidays (okay, so maybe that “friend” is me). But if you were part of a tribe of some 13 million people and you were trying to do your best to ensure that your kids were not feeling like they’re missing out on all the fun during the holidays, what would you do? Seemingly, the presents are not impressive enough, the chocolate coins are quickly eaten and forgotten and the latkes, to be quite frank, are just not cutting it. Sorry.

So, what’s a tribe to do? We have a secret weapon: Jelly doughnuts! They’re warm, doughy, fried-but-not-too-greasy and filled with sweet jelly (preferably strawberry). And yes, this Bonnie has her Clyde: a chocolate & yogurt milkshake that not only balances the warm, fried dough of the doughnut with its cool demeanor, but unlike its nutrient-deficient partner, is also packed with protein, calcium and probiotics; the perfect yin-yang balance of a holiday dessert that you can flaunt in front of your neighbors…and really, did they seriously think they can taunt you with all the sparkling, colorful lights outside their house? Did they think they can make you jealous by the huge Christmas tree they have on display with all those shiny ornaments? Nuh-uh, buddy. You’ve got your jelly doughnut in one hand, chocolate milkshake in the other and you’re going to spin some mean dreidel. Revenge has never tasted so good.

Chocolate & Yogurt Milkshake

All jokes aside, this milkshake is a delicious way to replenish your body if you’ve had to take antibiotics and in this cold season, many of us do end up fighting off something that requires more than just Robitussin. As you know, antibiotics kill the good bacteria in your body so consuming yogurt can help replenish them due to its high content of probiotics. If you’re one of those people who cannot stand yogurt, try this milkshake – you might have a change of heart. Either way, you can still have a jelly doughnut. Or two.


2 cups nonfat Greek yogurt
1 cup nonfat milk (preferably organic, soymilk or almond milk)
1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 packet stevia


Put yogurt and milk into a blender. Set aside.

Melt chocolate chips in the microwave for one minute. Stir until everything is melted and you get a smooth consistency.

Quickly pour the melted chocolate into the blender and mix with the yogurt and milk for a minute or two, scraping the chocolate that sticks, if needed.

Add stevia and blend again for 30 seconds. Serve immediately, or refrigerate.

Serves 2.

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