Knot Genie Gets Tangles Out Fast!


I love my daughter’s long hair but it’s not always easy to maintain. It’s enough that I have to worry about my own hair, now I have a whole other head of hair to worry about. Getting tangles out of it is a lot of work when you have a squirmy little girl who winces at the slightest pull. Luckily I found a detangling brush called the Knot Genie that actually delivers what it promises: an extremely easy way to detangle hair.

I received a sample and was excited to try it on my daughter’s thick, curly hair because it often gets in tangles and I wanted to see if it works. The brush has different lengths of teeth on it that bend in a way that gently untangles the hair. The knots got untangled easily and painlessly. The brush is so easy to use that my 5-year-old daughter likes using it herself – she loves brushing her hair with it and no longer complains that it hurts and we use it during bath time as well. Brushing hair is now calming and peaceful at our house.

The Knot Genie comes in five colors, as well as in a smaller size, called Teeny Genie. You can purchase the Knot Genie here. Price is $19.99.

I wish the Knot Genie could grant me all of my wishes, like kids that go to bed quickly and never whine, but it did grant me the wish of peaceful hair brushing.

I was not paid for this post. I did receive a sample for review purposes.


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