The Complete Guide to Sesame Place With Kids


One of my kids’ favorite place in the whole wide world is merely 90 miles from our house: Sesame Place! Filled with dry & wet rides, live shows, a parade and tons of opportunities to meet the Sesame Street characters, Sesame Place offers a little piece of Heaven for kids ages 2-10. My family and I recently attended Sesame Place and got to experience first-hand what it is all about. While there’s a good mix of water rides and dry rides, we ended up seeing the parade, two of the three shows and going on all of the dry rides and activities (except for the roller coaster). The theme park itself is not very big, but it can get very busy when the weather gets warm so here are some tips to making the most of your visit.


Most of the dry rides and activities are geared towards very small children, while most of the wet rides are for kids that are a little bit older. The shows and parade are an absolute must! The shows are about 25 minutes long and involve music and songs – some of which are interactive – and there is very little talking going on, which is perfect for little ones’ attention span. The characters come down to interact a little with the kids in the front row. The newest show is Abby Caddaby’s Let’s Play Together which is all about friendship.

Getting to the shows early will ensure you better seats. I went early to stand in line, while my husband took the kids to get their picture with Elmo at the “123 – Smile With Me” photo studio. The studio is great because you get a gorgeous, quality picture and you can buy a package which gets you a really cute frame to put it in. In addition, the characters can sometimes be found roaming the main street of the park, but there is usually a line to get your picture with them. It’s still worth it because it’s free, so if you have the time I recommend that, too.

The parade, which is also about 25 minutes, is a lot of fun and interactive – the kids get the opportunity to join at certain parts and dance. It’s best to get there early to get a good spot. Bring a towel or blanket to spread on the ground. Other dry activities that are not rides but still just as fun are Ernie’s Bed Bounce, Cookie Mountain and more!


Buying food at Sesame Place can be expensive, but the kids’ meals come with adorable plastic plates and cups that we still use. There are some healthy options like veggie salads & fruit cups. You can also bring your own food and snacks to save money.

There is also the option of dining with the characters for an extra fee which includes a breakfast, lunch, dinner or after-dinner desserts and involves some the characters who come up to the table and meet with the kids.

What to Bring:

I recommend bringing water shoes, swim diapers, lots of sunscreen and also lots of water bottles and snacks. I also recommend bringing a stroller with lot of storage space underneath, but there are also lockers available to rent for a fee. In addition, your kids will probably want you to buy them stuff – this is why Oscar’s Garage Gift Shop is a great option. Everything at the store is under $10 so you can stock up on souvenirs and gifts.

After the Park:

If you have a long ride home and have very young children, I recommend staying at the park until close to dinnertime, then going out to eat somewhere and after dinner getting the kids in their pajamas and going straight home so they can sleep on the way. We did this and our kids fell asleep immediately after dinner on the way home and – most importantly – stayed asleep when we put them in their beds.

There are a few dinner choices in the area, namely Cheeburger Cheeburger, located right next to the parking lot, which has lots of options for everyone, including burgers, salads, kids’ meals and a large variety of shakes, plus vegetarian options. We had dinner at Duck Sauce, a Chinese/Asian Fusion place with many non-vegetarian and vegetarian options. It’s very affordable and the food was amazing (I did not get any freebies from this place – I just happen to love it). It’s a 10 minute ride from Sesame Place so it was very convenient. It’s located at 127 S. State Street, Newtown, PA 18940

How Much:

Price is $57.99 for a one day OR an Elmo’s 2-day ticket, so you might as well get the 2-day, since you can use it anytime within that season (open until December). Kids under 2 are free.

If you decide to use the 2-day ticket on 2 consecutive days there are plenty of affordable places to stay, either right across from Sesame Place, or even 20-30 minutes away, which can end up being more affordable (use tripadvisor or expedia). If you decide to go for two consecutive days, it’s best to spend one day just doing the dry rides and some of the shows, and the other doing the wet rides, relaxing by The Count’s Splash Castle and the rest of the shows and parade.

Sesame Place
100 Sesame Road, Langhorne, PA 19047
Summer hours are from 10am-8 or 9pm

So, did my kids have the time of their lives? Judging by the picture below I think it’s pretty obvious they did!

I was not paid for this post. I did receive complimentary passes and parking for Sesame Place.


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