Treat Yourself With Godiva, Popchips and SKYY Vodka! (+Special Sale)


It’s not easy being a guinea pig review blogger, especially when you receive superior-quality chocolates for review. But I have decided to step up to the plate and take on this assignment with courage, fortitude and self-sacrifice. Today I will be reviewing Godiva chocolates.

I recently received some Godiva truffles from the Ice Cream Parlor Truffles Collection. I tried the Gift Box which includes 12 assorted ice-cream flavored truffles. Pecan Caramel Sundae was just as delicious as you’d expect, plus it was crunchy, which I loved. The Neapolitan was different and unique and perfectly yummy. The Double Dark Chocolate was just as good as it sounds if you’re a dark chocolate fan (which I am). The Pistachio was better than I thought. I usually don’t like Pistachio ice cream but the truffle really grew on me. The Lemon Sorbet was not my cup of tea at all – I don’t like lemon sorbets in any form. I also sampled some smaller-size boxes that included 4 pieces per box. The Banana Split was very banan-y – I loved it! The Mint Chocolate Chipwas one of my favorites since I love the combination of chocolate and mint. All of the truffles are Kosher OU-D.

Are these truffles healthy in any way? Hell to the no! Do you need to go to online or to your nearest store to buy them? No, you need to run! Not only these are so decadent, but Godiva is running a special summer sale through September 9th and prices are up to 30% off a broad range of items. You can buy products at and get FREE shipping on orders over $70, or at Godiva stores.

Since I am pregnant, in order to satisfy my salty cravings, I sampled some Popchips. These are actually healthier chips; neither fried nor baked, these chips get popped in heat and have half the fat of regular chips, no trans fats and no artificial ingredients. They are gluten-free and kosher-certified. The original flavor was my favorite. My husband loved the Barbeque the best. I also sampled the Thai sweet chili which was delicious, jalapeno, which was super-spicy and Chili Lime, which I didn’t care for. They come in 11 flavors and you can purchase them at national retailers nationwide or online here.

I also received some SKYY Vodkato try. We were given SKYY Infusions Dragon Fruit. Since I can’t have alcohol I had my husband taste it. He is not a huge Vodka drinker, but he loves fruit and liked the drink. He said the sweetness of the Dragon Fruit made the drink taste better than plain vodka.

I was not compensated for this post. I received samples.


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