The Budding Artist Book: Simple & Fun Crafts For Your Toddler!


At 9 months pregnant, and with two toddlers home with me this summer, it’s not always easy to take them out in the New York City muggy and humid weather. Instead, we look for fun things to do indoors, like crafts. I recently received a crafts book for review called The Budding Artist and had a lot of fun with my kids!

For a mom like me who is artistically challenged, this book is perfect. The instructions are simple and many include drawings so it gives you an idea of the finished product. As an added bonus, each craft comes with a list of books to enjoy so you can grab them at the library right before you begin the craft. Many crafts also have ideas for what to do once you’re done. My kids and I tried the “Sock Birds” and used old socks to create cute birds. As a bonus, the editors included the idea of making up a story and using the puppets to tell it. The craft itself was super-easy with straightforward instructions and my kids had so much fun making the birds. Since my kids are 3.5 and 5.5 and the book is for ages 3-6 – this is perfect timing, although I think that my daughter will continue to do crafts in this book even at age 7 and beyond because many of the crafts are slightly more sophisticated for toddlers. I personally think all of the crafts need some sort of parental guidance, at least when it comes to explaining what to do. I do want to mention that most of the crafts require purchasing materials so I recommend planning ahead a few crafts in advance and getting all the materials at once at a crafts store.

This book is part of a series of kids books that includes: The Budding Builder, The Budding Gardner, The Budding Scientist and The Budding Chef.

You can purchase the book here for $9.95.

I was not compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes.


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