Fabulous Fall Fashion From The Children’s Place!


You don’t fully realize how expensive kids are until you actually have them. And whenever you add another little one to the family and see the expenses add up, it’s even more apparent. With two toddlers who grow quickly out of their clothes and a baby on the way, my focus is on getting them clothes that are, first and foremost, affordable. Luckily, The Children’s Place always has sales and whenever I shop there I feel like I’m getting a great deal without having to compromise on quality and style. I recently went on a little shopping spree at my local store and found some great items for fall, which I am hoping will carry on through winter and beyond.

Here’s what I scored:

For my 5.5 year old daughter I found some gorgeous skirts. The purple plaid skirt in the above picture ($12.00) looks great with a dark purple long-sleeved shirt ($7.00) as well as dark purple leggings ($6.00). You can also mix and match other long-sleeved shirts from The Children’s Place in lighter purple or pink.

I also found her a stunning multi-colored skirt ($12.00) with flowers and polka dots (see the picture below). This skirt looks great with a navy top and navy leggings.

My son is 3.5 years old but can’t wear most 3T pants because they are too loose on him. 2T is too small. What to do? I find that 3T pants with elastic waistband fit him perfectly. The gray sweatpants ($12.95) and beige cargo pants ($12.00) in the pictures below both have an elastic waistband and are just the right size for him.

I am due in September with my third – a surprise baby. I was able to find some adorable gender-neutral outfits for the baby: Yellow pajamas ($10.46) as well as a shirt ($8.36) and pants with footies ($6.26) that are perfect for newborns because you don’t have to worry about socks slipping off.

To top it all off, I received $20 off my next purchase of $40 so I’m excited to go again soon!

Take advantage of the upcoming Labor Day Sale at The Children’s Place with deep discounts – many items up to 50% off!

I was not compensated for this post. I received a gift card.


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