Dinosaur Train Books Encourage Kids To Learn!


My 5-year-old daughter is obsessed with ballerinas, fairies and princesses. She loves playing with her 3-year-old brother but naturally, she’s just not as into trains and cars as much as he is. She loves animals and I’m trying to teach her about dinosaurs, which is not as easy as teaching about animals that she can see live at the zoo. Dinosaur Train is an animated series on PBS from the Jim Henson Company and created by Craig Bartlett. The show uses computer-generated images and features stories about a family of dinosaurs that takes a train to go on all kinds of adventures and meets other types of dinosaurs. Although my kids are not familiar with the show, they were both excited when we received in the mail two Dinosaur Train books for review. It turns out that not only they loved the books, but also learned a thing or two about dinosaurs which made them even more curious to learn. Here are the books we received for review.

Dinosaur Campout

In this book a dinosaur family is going on a campout for the first time and one of the little ones is a bit scared. Throughout the story the reader learns all types of little factoids about dinosaurs and other animals, such as where they live and what they eat.

The book is available here for $3.99

Ride With Buddy – Penguin Young Readers, Level 2

This is a little story about Buddy, the T-Rex. There isn’t much plot in here, it’s more about getting kids to read and includes a lot of repetition. The book does, however, contain some description and facts about dinosaurs.

The book is available here for $3.99

The dinosaurs in the drawings are very cute and colorful and the stories are kid-appropriate and kid-friendly. My kids were happy reading (or being read to) and learning about dinosaurs and I was happy to watch them learn and see my daughter enjoy something that is not pink with wings, a tutu or a crown.

I was not compensated for this post. I received the two aforementioned books for review purposes.


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