Best All-Around Cover: The Pookie Poncho From 7AM Enfant


Now that Fall is in full swing, showers are an almost daily occurence here in New York. When you have to take your child in the stroller the two of you soon become one soggy mess. The Pookie Poncho Light from 7 AM Enfant is an ingenious cover that can be used for keeping your little one warm and cozy and also to shelter him from the rain.

I recently received a Pookie Poncho Light for review and was happy to discover its many uses. Not only did it act as a rain cover for the stroller, but it’s also great stroller cover during cold weather, a car seat cover and even a baby carrier cover! The material is soft, made of 100% polyester and is machine-washable. Unlike the Pookie Poncho Classic, this is a light-weight version that is still thick enough to shield form the elements. It comes in one size (newborn to four years old) and has a cord that you can pull on to make it tighter for small babies. It fits all baby carriers, stroller and car seats.

I used it on a recent walk when it was pouring and the Pookie Poncho Light kept my three-year-old son protected from the rain and strong wind.

The cool thing about the Pookie Poncho Light is that it’s not an entire body suit that your child has to wear, but rather a cover, so you can use an extra blanket underneath for really cold days. If you use it as a baby carrier cover you can be certain your baby won’t get overheated because your body will also generate heat so that, together with the Pookie Poncho Light, will keep him comfortably warm.

You can purchase the Pookie Poncho for $98.00 here. It comes in orange-peel, lilac, black, midnight-blue, neon and marron glace.

Be sure to check other essentials from the 7 AM Enfant line such as mittens, hats, booties and more!

I was not compensated for this post. I received a Pookie Poncho for review purposes.


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