Seraphine Maternity: For Pregnancy and Beyond!


Purchasing maternity clothes can be get expensive and it doesn’t always make sense to pay a lot of money for something you’ll wear for a few months in your life. Even if you have more than one pregnancy – if you are pregnant in different seasons, you need a whole new wardrobe. Seraphine Maternity founder and designer Cecile Reinaud must have thought of this very same thing: why not make maternity clothes that you can wear when you are pregnant and also when you’re not!?

I recently received the Seamless Nursing Sleep Vest, which is actually a tank top. It is made of very soft and luxurious fabric and has straps you can take off easily for convenient breastfeeding. But most importantly, it looks and feels like a regular tank top, so even when you are no longer nursing it can remain a tank top to lounge in or for sleeping. The fabric, made of bamboo, is 100% biodegradable and allows the skin to breathe. It is also absorbent so it will quickly pick up any sweat or moisture, which makes it ideal for nursing as it will absorb any leakage immediately. The material is also stretchy so if you get pregnant again you’d be able to wear it throughout your pregnancy as well. I loved that the tank top gives great support and the straps can adjust.

You can purchase the Seamless Nursing Vest here for $55.00

I was not compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes.


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