Unique Hanukkah Gift: A Personalized Book!


If you have kids and are looking for unique gift ideas for them, or if you have a niece or nephew that have everything and you want to get them something special, a personalized book is always a good option. Hanukkah is coming up and what better gift to give your little munchkin than a personalized book that teaches about the holiday traditions and even includes a stuffed animal!?

A Hanukkah Bear for Me  is a book published by I See Me!, an award-winning publishing company for personalized books. The child’s name is featured throughout the story and he or she is the “star” of the book. In the story the child lights the menorah, plays with a dreidel, enjoys chocolate gelt and latkes and receives a teddy bear on the last day of Hanukkah. The book comes with a plush Gund mini teddy bear that matches the bear in the story. Written by award-winning author, Jennifer Dewing and beautifully illustrated by Wilson Ong, the book is appropriate for kids ages 0-8.

The last day to order for Hanukkah is November 21st – be sure to place your order by 11:59 CDT for a Hanukkah Delivery.

Click here to take a virtual tour inside the book and see all of the pages.

You can buy A Hanukkah Bear for Me  for $39.95. Enter coupon code SANTA at checkout for FREE shipping!

Get 10% off an order using code HANUKKAH until Nov. 21, 2012.

Not a member of the tribe? Not to worry! I See Me! has many personalized books to choose from with various themes such as birthday, Christmas, new baby, adoption, Communion, Easter and more.

 I was not compensated for this post. I received a sample.

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