Zopheez Infant & Toddler Jumpsuits: Smart Solutions for Busy Moms


Back in September as I was preparing to deliver my third child, I knew going from two kids to three would be hard but I thought that since my older two are so close in age (5.5 and 3.5) and do everything together, it would be almost like having twins and therefore not as difficult. Boy was I naïve. Yes, my kids do everything together: eat together, play together, brush their teeth together. They also fight together. Often. Especially when I’m feeding the baby or changing his diaper. I can’t always put him down and run to separate them and so I often find myself grabbing him with his outfit half buttoned and running to the kids while he’s shivering. I recently discovered a brand of babies’ clothes that can instantly solve my problem of having a half-dressed baby: Zopheez jumpsuits only have zippers, so I can just zip the baby up and go become Switzerland.

What I love about Zopheez jumpsuits is that not only do they zip up in front and on the bottom across the crotch for easy diaper changes, they also look like real clothes, so my baby doesn’t have to wear onesies all the time. I recently received the Jesse Olive Cowboy Jumpsuit and the Christopher Jumpsuit for review. The Cowboy Jumpsuit is ridiculously adorable and comes with fringed pants, a buckle and a cute bandana. The Christopher Jumpsuit comes with cool prints of either hats, cars or guitars. Sizes range between 3-24 months with a couple of jumpsuits starting from newborn sizes.

You can purchase Zopheez jumpsuits here. Prices are $25-$39.

I was not compensated for this post. I received samples.


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