Say Bye Bye To Sun Spots With elure


It’s kind of embarrassing to admit this but I made a really dumb mistake this past summer – I was pregnant and did not use sunblock often enough. And now I’m paying the price. I have pigmentation spots on my face that are clearly visible unless I wear makeup. While I’ve had pigmentation spots from my other pregnancies, this time they are darker. I’ve tried using hydroquinone creams but they didn’t help at all, no matter how often I applied them. I recently found out about elure Advanced Skin Brightening Cream. It won multiple awards, namely InStyle Best Beauty Buys 2012 and Allure Best of Beauty Awards 2012, so I had to try it for myself to see if there was any hope for my pigmentation spots.

Here’s how it works: the cream contains a naturally-occurring biological enzyme called Melanozyme which breaks down melanin and make the skintone appear more even. The elure products are: the Advanced Brightening Lotion which is meant to be used during the day. The cream comes divided into two lotions. First you apply one, wait one minute, then apply the other. I loved how the cream felt – very light and airy. There is also the Advanced Brightening Night Cream. This cream is a little heavier but it was still gentle on my super-sensitive skin and didn’t cause breakouts. Finally there is the Advanced Facial Wash which cleanses the skin thoroughly.

I have three light brown pigmentation spots. After using both the day and night creams twice a day for over a month, almost every day (hey, I have a newborn and two toddlers, there’s only so much I can do), I’m happy to report that my two lighter spots have faded considerably. One clearly looks like it’s faded and the other probably looks the same to others, but it seems lighter to me, which is enough to make me happy! My third pigmentation spot is darker than the other two and seemed to not have changed at all but I am encouraged by the results so far and plan to continue with the creams. Oh, and I also plan to use sunblock next summer. Lots of it.

You can purchase elure at Amazon and at dermatologists, plastic surgeons and other medical aesthetics providers. The Price is $150 for the day or night creams. The facial wash is $23.

Click here to use the clinic finder or call (949) 716-6670.

I was not compensated for this post. I received samples for review purposes.

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