The Best Books For Your Kids


My oldest is now in kindergarten and I want to prepare her for first grade. Reading a variety of books will not only broaden her horizons but also increase her vocabulary and although we have many books at home it’s always good to read more. Now that the cold weather is here, the library will be a place we’ll be visiting often. I found and printed these great lists for must-read books that I plan on taking with me to the library to have her read there and also to bring home.

The first is a list of the 100 best books for kids. You can find it here. I want to make sure she is familiar with the ones on the list for her age  (4-8 group). Many of the books are classics which we already own, such as The Velveteen Rabbit and Green Eggs and Ham, but some are ones I have never heard of and would love for my daughter to know them.

The second list is a compilation of 75 authors and illustrators everyone should know. You can find it here. I want my daughter to know all of the pre-k and kindergarten books and also to introduce her to some of the ones for grades 1-3, according to her ability.

Happy Reading!

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