Kiwi Crate: Crafts for Hanukkah and All Year Long


I think that one of the best ways to teach children about holidays is through arts and crafts. Kiwi Crate is an award-winning service that brings to your doorstep a box with themed crafts on a monthly basis.

Here’s how it works: each month you get a different box with art and science crafts for kids ages 3 -7. The box contains all the necessary materials for at least two arts and crafts projects. You can also purchase certain individual crates.

I recently sampled the Handmade Hanukkah crate. It comes with a spin-art project, as well as a make-your-own menorah. My kids first made the dreidel spin art. This was super-easy and my kids had a blast watching the dreidel spin while splashing paint on it. It was also a great opportunity to teach them about color combinations since the crate came with 3 paints in primary colors. The menorah was more about individual design and my kids had fun picking out different colored tissue paper to glue on the candle holders. The best part was putting the LED tea lights that flickered like real candles. We’re now looking forward to having the kids light up their own special menorah this year. The menorah doesn’t come with a stand so we used part of the cardboard box to make a stand so that all of the candle holders will be glued together. The kids decorated the stand with leftover tissue paper to make it match the menorah. If you’re like me and have two kids who love crafts for an extra $7.95 per month you can get extra materials so that both kids can enjoy the projects together, although the Hanukkah crate had enough for both.

Other crates you can purchase individually: a Christmas Crate for making ornaments and a cardboard gingerbread house and a “Gifts Made by Me” crate for making two journals, 4 greeting cards and wrapping. There is also a “Fairy Fun” crate.

You can purchase a month-to-month subscription for $19.95 per month or an annual subscription where you pay $220 per year for 12 monthly boxes which gives you one month free. Shipping is free on all subscriptions.

You can purchase the Handmade Hanukkah individually here for $19.95 plus shipping.

To celebrate the holidays, Kiwi Crate is holding its first ever 12-Day Gift Away! Each day, they’ll be gifting a great prize from some of their favorite brands, including Tea Collection, Tiny Prints, and Sprout. Each day is a new chance to win! Contest ends December 10, 2012.

Click here to enter.

I was not paid for this post. I received a sample.


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