Holiday Shopping: Fun Baby Toys from Bright Starts


kidsii-table-11838288-02If you have a baby at home, come holiday time – you have it easy! You don’t have to purchase holiday toys from a list your child made, or because of your child’s constant nagging (I want a doll, can you buy me a doll? dolls are my favorite, I don’t have many dolls, I don’t have enough dolls, etc.) As a mom of an infant you have the freedom to buy anything you want and Bright Starts’ “Having a Ball” collection is a good place to start.

Bright Starts’ “Having a Ball” is a unique collection of toys that are very similar to your run-of-the-mill infant/toddler toys, but with an added value of balls popping everywhere, which encourages laughter and excitement, due to the element of surprise. I recently received the Get Rollin Activity Table for my 2.5 month old son. Although the activity table is recommended for ages 6 months and up, I just use the top part for now (without the legs) and have the baby sit in my lap to look at it. It’s cute how he tries to grasp at everything and even tries to turn the pages in the little book. This activity table has more activities than other activity tables I’ve seen (20 activities!) It also has the added dimension of the balls that swirl in the ramp that’s in the middle of the table. When you attach the legs the balls fall into one of the legs of the table. That’s a lot of fun all in one toy!

Here are a few favorites from the “Having a Ball” collection:

                                         Tropical Fun Drop ‘n Spin
                                         Bop & Chomp Gator
                                            Pop & Roll Roadster
                                                    Cluck & Learn Barn
                                           Get Rollin’ Jet Popper
                                                 5-in-1 Sports Zone

You can purchase the Get Rollin’ Activity Table here for $44.99.

Click here to view the entire “Having a Ball” collection.

I was not compensated for this post. I received the Activity Table for review purposes.


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