With Agloves You Can Keep Your Hands Warm And Use Your Smartphone at the Same Time!


sport-product-page-3Most of my friends know that I’m the type of girl who likes to have it all: I like to eat chocolate eclairs and not gain weight; I like a husband with a strong personality who lets me tell him what to do; I like using my smartphone when it’s cold out and not freeze my fingers off. I am happy to announce that now I can achieve one of the above! Agloves are gloves that keep my hands toasty and allow me to use my smartphone while still wearing them.

Agloves come in a few different styles. I recently received the Agloves Sport for review. They were soft, comfy and definitely made my hands warmer, although for people who live in places much colder than NYC these gloves can act as liners. Best of all, I was able to use my smartphone without having to take off a glove and put it back on, and off and on again. I love convenience!

Here are the different types of gloves:

  1. Agloves Original $19.99 – thinner, most precise
  2. Agloves Sport $25.99 – thicker, most popular
  3. Agloves Grip Touch $29.99 – with gripper dots to make smartphones less slippery, new this year
  4. Agloves Natural $25.99 – softer that the softest cotton. Made with fibers derived from bamboo. Great for gals.

Agloves have been named #1 touch glove by Inc Magazine, Forbes Magazine and the Chicago Tribune. They are the official glove liner supplier to the US Ski Patrol and have been chosen and endorsed by the US Department of Defense as the best touch glove.

Agloves are very affordable and make a great gift for the holidays. They’re small so they can be a perfect stocking stuffer and when you order a pair they arrive with their very own gift bag so all you have to do is get a card, sign it and you’re done!

You can purchase Agloves here.

I was not compensated for this post. I received a sample.


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