Sandzini: A Fun & Unique Craft For Kids


48023-3TEvery single day my 6-year-old asks me to do art projects with her. She adores arts and crafts but I am not very good with my hands; I tend to break, tear and spill as soon as I get my hands on something. When I came across Sandzini, I knew I found something that will make my daughter happy and my life easier.

I recently received a Sandzini Ice Cream Parlor Creator Set for review. It is a kit that contains a special putty-like substance that feels like sand but also like silly putty and can mold into anything you want it to.

The kit includes 7 different colors, as well as tools: a rolling pin, a wheel cutter and a sculpting tool. It also includes a sheet with instructions on how to make some “treats”. The instruction sheet was very easy for my daughter to follow and she was able to do almost everything on her own. The ice cream parlor creator set is suitable for kids ages 3 and up but my 3.5 year old needed me to do most of the work (although he LOVED squishing the material and using the rolling pin on it for a long as I would let him). Both kids loved to be able to pick from a variety of colors and choose what type of decorations to add. And I was especially happy this didn’t leave any residue and made clean-up very easy!

Be sure to check out the pony and T-Rex sculpting sets. You can also buy just the compound to make a dinosaur or a kitten.

You can purchase the Sandzini Ice Cream Parlor Creator Set here for $20.99.

Check out Sandzini on Facebook.

I was not compensated for this post. I received a sample.


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