New Products from Chobani – the Unofficial Taste Test at My House #tastereal



Yogurt is a staple for 2/5ths of our household. Us girls are fig fans; the boys, not so much. My four-month-old son is too young for yogurt and my husband is a lost cause but it’s not too late to try and convert my middle son who is turning 4 next month. He really dislikes plain yogurt or even with stuff in it. I recently received a big box with some Champion Tubes and Bites cups. Was I able to convert him into being a yogurt lover? Read to find out!

Okay, here’s the verdict:

Champion Tubes Jammin’ Strawberry flavor:

Me: Delicious!

Daughter: Love it!

Son: Yum!

Champion Tubes Rockin’ Blueberry flavor:

Everyone: Ditto!

Bite cups Raspberry Chocolate-Chips flavor:

Me: Perfection!

Daughter: My favorite!

Son: Yum!

Bite cups Coffee Chocolate-Chips flavor: (don’t worry, the caffeine is negligible)

Me: Good

Daughter: Don’t like.

Son: Don’t like. Want more Raspberry Chocolate-Chip.

I am so happy my son found yogurt he likes – the bacteria in yogurt has so many health benefits and I want him to eat yogurt at least a few times per week.

The Bite cups make great snacks for school or work. They are only 100 calories and 1.5 grams of fat. And they have an excellent protein-to-carb ratio. Mosly importantly, they are all-natural. You can taste the raspberry seeds inside, so you know they put real raspberries in there. And instead of food coloring they put a fruit and vegetable juice concentrate. At 13 grams of sugar, I might decrease it a smidge – it was very sweet and I really love the bitterness of the dark chocolate, so I wouldn’t mind it if it was less sweet.


My daughter loved eating the yogurt straight from the tube. My son struggled with the tubes and I had to help him, otherwise he spilled. These make a great snack for school and at 70 calories and 1 gram of fat, they are, like the Bite cups, diet-friendly. And they even have less sugar: only 8 grams!

I was not compensated for this post. I received samples.


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