Repair Winter’s Skin Damage with Cellnique Amino Collagen C Intense Serum


article picWinters in New York are rough and the skin on your face gets super-dry. Moisturizing is not enough; you also need to repair the damage caused by the wind and lack of moisture. Amino Collagen C Intense Set by Cellnique can rejuvenate the skin and repair damaged cells.

I recently received the Amino Collagen C Intense Set for review. I had never heard of Cellnique before so I looked them up and found out that they have been around for 15 years. They offer solutions to most types of skin problems and at my age, 38, I am mostly concerned with anti-aging products and preventing damage that is caused by the elements. The set contains two serums that work synergistically. The first is supposed to have a lightening and firming effect and contains high-potency vitamin C. The second is supposed to improve texture and discoloration, retain moisture and reduce wrinkles. It contains Hyaluronate Acid, which is a natural moisturizer, as well as soy and silk proteins.

I tried the first bottle. It had a very mild stinging sensation that goes away after about 30 seconds. It says on the bottle that there might be a mild stinging sensation so I was expecting it. The second serum did not have the stinging sensation and both soaked into my skin immediately and had a light, pleasant scent.

So how did I fare? Well, I decided to try it for one week and use it only at night because my mornings are too crazy with three kids and school drop-offs. And I am happy to report that even with using only once per day instead of the recommended two times per day, I noticed improvements: my skin appeared tighter and with an even skin tone. There’s something about having a face that’s just one color (as opposed to patches of different shades of pink) that makes you appear more beautiful. I’m not sure why that is, maybe it’s because when your skin is all one color your facial features become more noticeable. I’ve never felt more beautiful since my recent pregnancy and because it was my last pregnancy, here was my chance of having this type of glow again! I am so in love with this serum set, I am now looking forward to my nightly ritual and loving my fresh new face!

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You can purchase the Amino Collagen C Intense Set here. Price is $96 for both bottles. Shipping is free.

All photos courtesy of Cellnique.

I was not compensated for this post. I received a sample.


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