Turbana Plantain Chips – A Healthy Alternative to Potato Chips



My kids are big fans of snacking and although I try to stick to clean food, sometime I give them treats such as various chips. I recently discovered Turbana Plantain Chips and was delighted that my kids loved them as much as I did! But are they really healthier than potato chips? Read to find out!

I love plantains but I don’t get a chance to eat them often, probably because I’ve never tried making them. It turns out they are not only chock-full of potassium, but are also low in sodium and gluten-free. Turbana Plantain Chips are especially healthier because they have 30% less fat than potato chips, are made of all-natural ingredients and contain no additives, preservatives, trans fats and cholesterol.

I recently received a variety of bags to try out. I was surprised that they taste very similar to potato chips. In fact, when I was eating the “Lightly Salted” chips I kept forgetting they were plantains and not potato chips. But I did notice one major difference: the plantain chips are much less oily than potato chips. There was no oily residue in my hands and I couldn’t even taste the oil. They also have a more hearty texture that keeps you feeling fuller longer.

Here is what my family & I thought of the different flavors:

vectorBAG_Garlic_85gGarlic flavor – hands down, the absolute best. It has a very present, yet not overpowering garlicky flavor. These were so addictive, I could eat them at any time if the day, even if I wasn’t hungry.

vectorBAG_Sweet_85gSweet flavor– my kids loved those. I thought they were very good but I prefer my plantains salty (and garlicky).

66606_494997337202213_1251239978_nLightly Salted – these were fantastic. You can use them as hors d’ourves with a little creme fraiche and smoked salmon or with a slice of cheddar and a cherry tomato. They are great for snacking alone.

vectorBAG_chiliChili flavor – These were not too spicy, but had a little tang. However, if you eat 3/4 of the 1 ounce bag at one sitting (like I did) it does get spicy. A couple of sips of milk got rid of the spicy flavor for me. By the way, never drink water after eating something spicy – it will only make it worse. Have milk or yogurt instead.

vectorBAG_chiliLimeChili Lime – I did not care for these at all as I don’t like lime. My husband wouldn’t try them because he doesn’t like chili.

vectorBAG_limeLime – My husband loves lime flavor and thought these were pretty good. There is just enough lime flavoring to get a little added taste, but not too much where it overwhelms the taste of the chip itself, he said.

You can purchase Turbana Plantain chips at major retailers such as Walmart and also online

I was not compensated for this post. I received samples.


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