What to Look for When Buying Baby Blankets


Fleece_Blanket_With_Satin_TrimOne of my favorite gifts to bring to a baby shower is a baby blanket. It lasts through toddlerhood and beyond; it can be used for many purposes; most importantly, it feels so soft on your baby’s skin. Whether it’s made of cotton, fleece or cashmere, it will keep your baby snuggled in warm softness. But how do you decide which fabric is the best baby blanket fabric for your baby? Here are some things to consider:

We own a few fleece blankets (for both boys and girls) and I love the luxurious feel they have. Many moms tout fleece as the best baby blanket fabric which is no surprise; this super-soft fabric stays soft and luxurious even after many washes. If you decide on a fleece baby blanket, personalization can make it even more special. A personalized fleece baby blanket would be something that grows with your child because for many children, blankets are something they hold onto for comfort and get attached to.  And once they can recognize their name, they’ll love it even more.

My-six-year-old daughter has kept her pale blue personalized baby blanket and now uses it on her dolls. A few weeks ago I had asked her to get me a blanket from the dresser because the baby was cold and instead of going to the dresser she went straight to her doll’s bassinet and brought her personalized fleece blanket for the baby…

                                                                Cotton Baby Blanket

Although highly popular, fleece is not the only option. Cotton, wool or cashmere are excellent choices for baby blanket fabric as well. Many wool fabrics are organic and all-natural, meaning they have no synthetic fibers. Wool is a fabric that can also absorb moisture easily which allows it to keep your baby warm no matter the circumstance. Cotton baby blankets, probably the most popular choice, is very breathable, lightweight and can be washed multiple times. If you want something more high-end, a Cashmere baby blanket would be a great addition to your collection for those special occasions such as baby naming or baptism. Cashmere is considered the most luxurious of baby blanket fabrics and is incredibly soft, very lightweight, yet very warm.

Once you picked the best baby blanket fabric for your infant, you need to consider baby blanket safety. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that you keep blankets out of your baby’s crib until he is at least 12 months old. This is because statistically, after this age, the likelihood of dying from SIDS plummets.

If you do decide to use a blanket, here are some safety guidelines (besides waiting until your child is 12 months of age):
Choose a thin one and tuck it firmly around both sides and one end of the crib mattress. Place your baby under the blanket so that his feet and lower half are covered, but his upper chest and head are exposed and tuck it under his arms.

No matter which fabric you choose, a baby blanket will grow with your baby and will, no doubt, leave sweet memories for your little one.

This post is sponsored by Babyblankets.com. All opinions and views are my own.


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