Smart Idea: A Talking Ear Thermometer from Safety 1st


galleryImage20130109105815_ZoomNow that Spring is here, with the changing seasons also come colds at my house. I usually do the “under the arm” method but it isn’t very practical at night. The Advanced Solutions Talking Ear Thermometer from Safety 1st will not only tell you the temperature in a very low voice so your kids can stay asleep but also tell you temperature of objects such as food and drink!

I recently received the Advanced Solutions Talking Ear Thermometer from Safety 1st for review and although I didn’t have anyone sick to test it on, I tested it on myself and was happy to hear (literally!) that my body temperature is 98 degrees Fahrenheit. Set-up is a breeze and has step-by-step instructions; using it is even easier: just position in ear canal and press the button. It literally takes a single second and then the screen will light up so you can see the temperature and have it read to you. You can also adjust the volume and hear the temperature in Spanish or turn off the audio completely. Appropriate for ages 6 months and up.

And that’s not all the thermometer can do! You can switch from “ear” mode to “object” mode and get the temperature of bath, food or beverage. This is a great idea when you’re having tea if you don’t want to burn your lips (which is what I do) or stick your finger in it (not sanitary, especially if it’s not your tea).

You can purchase the Advanced Solutions Talking Thermometer here. Price is $31.94

I was not compensated for this post. I received a sample.


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