My Kids’ Room Makeover with Disney Paint, Part I – the Shopping



These days little girls are growing up too fast and emulating teenybopper stars, so I am grateful that my six-year-old daughter still loves Mickey & Minnie and the Disney princesses. However, she’s entering first grade next year and I want to encourage her to enjoy being and acting like a big girl. This is why I got excited when I found out I have been selected by Momtrends to participate in a project where I will be painting my kids’ room using Disney Paint. My daughter shares a room with her four-year-old brother and I think it’s time to make her side of the room more appropriate for a school-aged girl. To top it all off we will be hosting a party for all of my daughter’s friends to reveal the new room! We started off by going online to Disney Paint to look at our options.

There are 112 colors and 5 specialty finishes to choose from. We played with the different options and used the “room painter” app on the site. It was obvious we were going to pick a Princess theme, although the Fairies and Minnie Mouse themes were also adorable. Boys have options such as Mickey Mouse and “Cars” and there’s a Winnie the Poo theme that’s more appropriate for a nursery, plus a theme for tweens. The kids’ room is yellow and we’ll only be painting my daughter’s side, but my daughter and I weren’t sure if to pick one of the pink or one of the purple paints. Purple matches yellow but the pink can pick up the pink artwork in the bedroom. For the finish we were debating between the confetti and the glitter, both looked really unique and perfect for a little girl. We decided to head to Walmart to take a closer look.

When we walked in, I immediately asked where I could find Disney Paint and was directed to the Hardware section. There’s a fairly large section of paint at Walmart but the Disney Paint was right upfront at the beginning of the aisle so I found it right away. My daughter loved seeing all of her favorite characters.

She started looking at the brochure to see the different options. She loved looking at the little papers with paint samples and we discussed what her room will look like after we do a paint and a finish.

After seeing the paints in the store it became clear to us: the light pink (“Fairest of Them All”) and the glitter finish (“All that Glitters”) will be perfect!

The Paint was $28 and the glitter finish was $14, very affordable. Here’s a picture of what the glitter finish looks like:

We found the glitter finish right away but needed help figuring out which of the paints was the one we wanted. One of the employees came over and helped us find the paint (which was actually a base). He then opened it and mixed in the color that we picked with the base.

We had so much fun shopping at Walmart and, as usual, ended up with a lot more than paint in our cart – you just can’t beat these prices. We stocked up on toiletries and food and I even found a cute dress for $15! We left happy and excited to begin our paint project next weekend. Most excited is my daughter who is looking forward to a room makeover!

Here’s a short video with a list of tools to buy and instructions on how to paint:

Here are some facts about Disney Paint:

  • It is a premium-quality, ultra-durable paint that was formulated with your child in mind to withstand wear and tear, as well as repeated scrubs and washes. Scuffs, crayon and pencil marks, little finger prints, and tough stains, such as grape juice, wash off easily without removing the color.
  • Disney Paint is low odor and has no VOCs.
  • Disney Paint has a distinct collection of colors grouped into palettes designed to give your children options at every stage of style – from infant to tween. The diverse palettes make decorating with your child – no matter the age – easy and fun.
  • Some colors are designed to complement not only each other but also Walmart’s Disney bedding and Disney room accessories, such as furniture, toys and décor options, sold in store or online.

Stay tuned for the next post where I will share our experience painting the room.

Compensation and products for review were provided by Glidden via MomTrends. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Glidden.


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