Kids’ Concert Review: Hot Peas ‘n Butter


pic AMy family & I recently attended the Hot Peas ‘n Butter concert at Symphony Space in Manhattan and had so much fun! The kids loved all of the songs that were interactive and encouraged them to dance or jump. Mom & Dad just loved the fun, catchy music. Click to read about our experience.

For those who don’t know, Hot Peas ‘n Butter, is a multi-award-winning band and incorporate elements of traditional Latin music, Afro-Caribbean rhythms, jazz, folk and rock. At the concert they incorporated the Spanish language, along with a little French and Korean. Danny Lapidus, who sings the majority of the songs, has a ton of charisma, which probably explains why most of the kids in the audience end up coming up close to the stage (with some even trying to climb up). Five-year-old guest performer Sol Nitaino Cabassa, was beyond adorable when playing the Bomba drum player and dancing. My favorite was their new single “Colores” which names colors in both English & Spanish. I loved how the colorful lights on stage matched the colors in the song, plus the music was very catchy and made it easy for kids to sing along to. To view the “Colores” music video click here.

pic BBe sure to check out more shows at Symphony Space in their “Just Kidding” weekly concert series, which hosts a variety of performances, such as dance and world music.

Also, check out the Hot Peas N Butter website to see more events. They perform at various location all over the US, including NYC and Long Island.

I was not compensated for this post. I received tickets.


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