Forte Gelato Ice Cream: A Healthier, Delicious Option


8-pack chocolate-high protein-healthy-gelato 2Spring is in full swing and as we’re getting towards the really hot months it’s time to think about…ice cream! When it comes to ice cream there’s always some sort of compromise. If it’s low-fat, I typically compromise on the taste. And if it’s super-creamy I feel guilty for not opting for the low-fat version. Forte Gelato ice cream tastes like regular full-fat ice cream but is actually low-fat and relatively healthy. Click to find out how.

You’re probably wondering what is so special about Forte Gelato and how can ice cream be good for you. Well, for starters, Forte Gelato has a whopping 15 grams of protein, as opposed to regular ice cream, which has 4. For those who don’t know, protein-to-carb ratio is key when it comes to weight loss. In each 4-ounce container there are 19 grams of carbs (there’s actually 20 but you subtract the 1 gram of fiber). There’s also 15 grams of a soy blend of protein which includes a blend of amino acids that can aid with fueling muscles and with stimulating  protein synthesis. That is a pretty awesome ratio, especially for an item that’s considered a dessert! The fat content is 2.5 grams which is really good, since it tastes very rich. Not sure what it is, maybe the dutch-processed cocoa.

I received some samples of the chocolate and vanilla flavored Forte Gelato and my family and I devoured them. I added chocolate chips to the vanilla flavor because I can’t eat just plain vanilla but the rest of my family ate it just like it is and said it was perfect. Forte Gelato makes such a decadent, yet sensible treat because it’s all-natural and has very low sodium and cholesterol content, in addition to the aforementioned protein and fat content. It is available in either chocolate or vanilla flavors. Coming soon: ginger and espresso flavors.

8-pack vanilla-high protein-healthy-gelato5Forte Gelato also makes a great alternative to a meal if you need to sneak in some protein to picky eaters. On Spring break my middle son had a virus and barely are anything other than crackers and cheerios. I got him to eat Forte Gelato and was relieved he happily ate it (and got his protein quota for the day).

You can purchase Forte Gelato here. Price is $24 for a case of 8 containers.

I was not compensated for this post. I received samples.

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