Turn Your Kids’ Artwork Into Custom-Made Pendants & Bracelet Charms


PicMonkey CollageMy daughter is lucky enough to have two sets of grandparents; she’s also the only girl with two brothers and between that and all the birthdays and holidays, she gets tons and tons of presents. Very often she gets double and triple of things. I am trying to buy her more unique gifts that are also sentimental and can last for years (and the smaller the better since we live in a small apartment). I recently came across a really cool gift idea: pendants and bracelet charms that are made out of a drawing that your child made! Here’s how it works:

You take a picture or scan your kids’ artwork. Next, you click on “pendant” or “charm”. For the pendant you can also choose to add a black chord (shown in picture) for $4.99 or a sterling silver box chain for $9.99. For the charm you can add a sterling silver bracelet for $39.99. Finally, you upload, email or mail the picture. The pendants and charms are 925 silver and arrive in a gift box.

I used a drawing made by my six-year old for a pendant and it came out adorable! My daughter drew Rapunzel – you can see the long, blonde hair. On the top right corner she drew a sun which got into the pendant. I honestly have no clue how they convert the drawing, but the pendant is very true to the drawing and looks very unique. My daughter, needless to say, adores her pendant and is very proud that she herself designed it.

This is also perfect for Mother’s Day. My mother-in-law loves her Pandora charm bracelet and cherishes each and every one of her charms. A beautiful charm made by none other than her granddaughter will delight her to no end!

Click here to start designing. Pendants are $49.99. Charms are $59.99.

I was not compensated for this post. I received a custom-made pendant.


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