Good Seeds: Dinnerware for Smart Eating Habits


Deuchler0712_Picture52_largeA typical dinner at my house looks like this: I bring each kid a plate with a salad; I bring each kid a plate with an egg; I bring each kid a plate with cheese, crackers, cheerios, nuts and/or bread; I bring each kid a plate with cut-up fruit. As you can see, there are many plates involved in the process of a simple dinner for two kids. I use paper plates, mostly because I can’t handle all these dishes. This is, of course, a complete waste of money, not to mention it’s bad for the environment. Therefore I have been searching high and low for larger plates, but ones that won’t break if my kids drop them, and that are environmentally-friendly. I finally found exactly what I wanted: dinnerware from Good Seeds! And I even found a hidden benefit that makes it even more awesome!

Dinnerware from Good Seeds is, first and foremost, Plastic Free. It is BPA- melamine and phthalate-free. It’s also dishwasher and oven safe. I received plates and cutlery for review and what struck me the most was the bright, vivid colors. The fork and knife set have faces to them – too cute! And the plates – the Garden Fresh and the Farm Fresh kids plates – were not only large (enough to fit my kids’ entire dinner on) but also very colorful. When I looked closely I noticed that these weren’t merely cute drawings of foods but rather of the four food groups, divided into four sections. This helps kids learn about the food groups and become aware of what they are putting into their body. They can start examining their food and figuring out which food group it belongs to. There’s no candy group, which I am perfectly content with.

goodseedsDinnertime at my house is more relaxing now; I make everything at once and pile on the two plates. My kids separate the foods into the different sections and enjoy looking at the drawings and discussing the foods.

Be sure to check out other great products from Good Seeds such as kids’ aprons and hats, bibs and “Grow your own vegetable” kits.

I was not compensated for this post. I received samples.


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