PacaPod: A Diaperbag Within a Stylish Handbag


seq4I don’t usually trick people. I also don’t pretend to be one of those supermoms that always has it together (no one would believe me anyway). But when I got the PacaPod diaper bag I felt like that type of supermom that has a stylish handbag and takes care of her kids and I also felt like I was tricking people. That’s because it wasn’t only an amazingly gorgeous handbag – wait ’till you see what’s inside!

The PacaPod is an award-winning diaper bag with a unique 3-in-1 system. On the outside it looks like a stunning high-end designer handbag. But when you open it – 2 pods (or small backpacks) are revealed:

 pacapod Collage

I received the Seqouia black PacaPod handbag for review. It was all I expected and then some. The two pods on the inside are for feeding and diapers so there’s a complete separation of the two, plus there’s a compartment for mom. The material of the handbag and the pods is very durable. The handbag is light enough to carry but large enough to fit everything you need. I was a little concerned that the pods would be too small but amazingly all of the bottles and diapers I needed fit in there perfectly (which was a lot)! I wouldn’t say this is a bag to take when you’re spending an entire day out with your older children – it won’t have enough room for tons of snacks and toys for your older kids, but for one baby it is plenty. Plus I loved that I had my own separate compartment for storing my own stuff like keys and phone, so I didn’t have to worry about baby food or diaper creams spilling on my personal items. I could even attach the PacaPod to my umbrella stroller and it didn’t tip over. Here’s an example of what you can fit in the PacaPod:

The outer bag has room for all of mom’s necessary items. It’s not very deep but it has pockets on the inside so everything’s neatly organized.

detail_sequoia_descriptionThis is the pod for the diapers, wipes and creams. It also comes with a changing pad:

changer_pod_stone_detailsThe pod for the food is actually deep enough to fit a bunch of bottles and can also be used once your baby is older and needs tons of snacks:


Here are some of my favorite PacaPod handbags (there are many more, even unisex):


You can purchase the Sequoia and other PacaPod handbags here. Prices are from $50 to $350.

I was not compensated for this post. I received a sample.


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