Sock it to Me: Whimsical Socks for the Entire Family


IMG_1943Even though it’s warm out, we still get plenty of rainy days here in New York. I love being home when it’s rainy and cuddling under soft blankets. I love walking around on my hardwood floors in socks and what can be cuter than wearing matching Mommy/daughter socks? I found some whimsical, sometimes silly but mostly beautiful socks at Sock it to Me and cannot wait to share with you their awesome collection.Sock it to Me has a fairly large collection of unique socks for everyone in the family. For women – at various lengths. Many of the patterns for women are also available in kids’ sizes, and there are infant socks as well. Here are some Knee socks we love:

Knee socks

I received two pairs of socks for my daughter and I for review. We chose the PB &J pattern because we both love eating PB&J and we both also love the color purple. The socks are really soft and comfy and I love walking in them on our floors. Here are some Crew socks we love:

Crew socks

Father’s Day is coming up next month and there are some really cool men’s crew socks that’ll make a great gift for him:

mens crew

You can purchase the PB&J crew socks in adult sizes here. Price is $9 a pair. Click here to see other patterns and sizes.

I was not compensated for this post. I received samples.

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