Bitty Birdie Boutique: Beautiful Designer Kids’ Clothes at Amazing Prices!


logoDoes it ever happen to you that you walk into a children’s boutique and just wish you could afford to buy everything there? Well, now you can buy designer kids’ clothes at a fraction of the price at Bitty Birdie Boutique. Here’s How it works:

Bitty Birdie Boutique sells designer kids’ clothes at discount prices. How? Simple. Every now and then boutiques need to get rid of stock, whether to make room for new items, a change of seasons, or other reasons. They send those clothes to Bitty Birdie Boutique which then sells it online and gives the boutique owners a percentage. This is a situation where the boutique owners get rid of their items and make money, Bitty Birdie Boutique profits, and us, the customers, benefit by being able to purchase clothes we otherwise might not be able to afford. Win-win-win. Some of the brands you can find are: Appaman, Oilily, Petit Bateau, Juicy Couture, Zutano, Catimini and many more.

IMG_6506__35461.1347559283.1280.1280I received a gift card to purchase clothes at Bitty Birdie Boutique and with such a large selection it was hard to choose. I saw clothes that I would otherwise not see unless I spent my days in children’s boutique store (which I don’t have time to do). The clothes are for babies (from preemies) and up until 12-year-old kids. Some items come in only one size, others come in many sizes. For example, you can find a T-shirt for a boy in a size 2T and 6T but no other sizes. It all depends on the inventory. If you see something you like and it’s a size or two bigger you might want to get it anyway for when your kids are older – the price makes it worth it. There is also a small selection of shoes.

Shopping is easy. Simply pick what you like and then select the size. I had an account so my address was already plugged in. I applied a credit that I had so the entire process took less than 60 seconds to checkout. I picked a Tooby Doo New York Striped Oxford Top ($24.99) for my son and a Tea Collection Jungle Flower Top ($19.99) for my daughter.

IMG_6518__72550.1359139885.1280.1280The package arrived a few days later, wrapped in a pretty bow. The items were in perfect condition, with tags attached. I am very happy with the quality of the clothes. The top for my daughter has a tropical print – perfect for our upcoming vacation, plus the colors are turquoise and burgundy – a nice reprieve from the pinks and purples that dominate my daughter’s wardrobe. I also love the button-down for my son – it’s dressy but can work well with jeans.

Here’s a short video about Bitty Birdie Boutique:

Visit Baby Birdie Boutique to learn more.

I was not compensated for this post. I received a gift card to shop at Bitty Birdie Boutique from  Celebrity Baby Trend ExpertRachel Florio-Urso.


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