Your Little Girl Will Love Disney’s Minnie & Daisy BFF Chapter Books


81irOdWZuwL._SL1500_My six-year-old daughter loves the Disney princesses like most girls her age. She’s still into Mickey & Minnie, though, and loves watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with her younger brother. I recently found out about chapter books and magazines for young girls that are all about Minnie and Daisy. Since we try to encourage reading over watching TV, they are the perfect incentive to turn off the television.

These chapter books are called Minnie & Daisy BFF Chapter Books and include “Much Ado About Juliet”, “The Pesky Pet” and “School Dance Madness”, with two more books coming out in July. In the series, Minnie and Daisy are school girls who deal with issues most tween girls can relate to. There is no mention of Mickey or Donald as this takes place before they met them, when they were young. Although the books are about issues for older girls, they are a light read. My daughter read them both in a couple of hours and loved them, although I’m not sure she was able to understand the concept of having a crush on someone (as Minnie does in “Much Ado About Juliet”) or get the Shakespeare references, which most tweens will probably not get either. But the short chapters, the cute, colorful drawings on every page and the random sentences highlighted in colors make the book even more accessible and easier to read and I’m sure pre-tweens (if there is such a thing) will be able to read them with no assistance. This is a great transition from reading the level 5 “easy readers” into chapter books.514QUZ0mFPLThe magazine is great to take on the road if reading long books gets too difficult for your child. The magazine has comics, but also fun quizzes, puzzles, games, crafts and also tips, such as how to care for a pet and also include a free poster.

You can purchase the books for $6.99 each on Amazon or wherever books and ebooks are sold. The magazine is $4.99.

I was not compensated for this post. I received samples.

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