Fun for the Whole Family with Games from Family Games America


761__(246)_A_Bit_of_Banter_Jr_-_display-frontEveryone I know seems to either be going on a vacation now or planning one. Some of those vacations include road trips which involve dealing with very whiny kids. Sure, you can pop in a DVD which will give you some peace and quiet for an hour or two, but if you want to make your road trip a memorable, bonding experience, a fun game is in order. Family Games America makes unique games for the entire family that will get everyone involved and make it a breeze to get through the long car ride, the exhausting plane ride, or the endless wait at the lines at the amusement park.

I recently received two games for review. The first is called 50 Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained and has all types of questions and riddles. My kids were a little too young for the riddles (the recommended age for this game is eight and up) but had fun playing games such as “A to Z”, in which you have to think of names beginning with the first letter of the alphabet and continuing until you’ve gone through all the letters. Other fun games are “I Spy” with colors and “Hum A Tune”, in which someone hums a tune and the others have to guess what song it is. My husband and I had fun with the riddles that, for the most part, were challenging but also amusing and silly. This games is also great to have at a restaurant when waiting for the food. The container of the game is so small you can just throw it in your purse or the diaper bag.

L7929__(576)_Tabletops_50_Ways_To_Keep_Your_Kids_-_tin-leftThe second game is called A Bit of Banter (junior version). In this game the moderator asks a question (there are 4 categories to choose from) and everyone has to answer. Sample questions are: ‘what TV show would you like to be on’, ‘do you prefer the country or the city’ and ‘describe your dream house’. These types of questions can really get the conversation going and can also get people to open up. The game, which is recommended for age seven and up, also includes tiny pretty gemstones that are used for rewarding the people who answer the questions. The person with the most gemstone wins. I played it with my six-year-old and could not believe how much I learned about my own daughter just from asking her some of the questions! Being asked these types of questions actually made her think a little, as these were subjects that she had never thought of before.

Visit Family Games America for a list of retailers and more unique games that will keep the whole family entertained, help you bond together and make the not-so-fun parts of vacation much more pleasant.


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