Unique Gift Idea: Memory Blankets from Willow Creek Studio


Willow_Creek_Baby_-_MS-4.262111144_largeI have a nine-month-old who is growing like a weed. I have so many bags of his clothes that I plan to give away. However, there are some clothes that are not wearable. For example, some may have a stain or a tear (most have been previously worn by my older son). It’s a shame to throw away something that could otherwise become a beautiful, useful and sentimental object. Willow Creek Studio creates patchwork blankets called Memory Blankets, that are made out of any type of clothes.


There are two types of Memory Blankets: Baby Blankets, which are made with newborn or toddler clothing and adult blankets, made with teen/adult clothing. Each blanket comes in various sizes, up to queen. Here’s how it works: you first pick the size of blanket you want and it will tell you how many pieces of clothing to send. You can have the blanket monogrammed or have your clothing scraps returned to you, both for an additional fee. Within a few weeks you get back a beautiful blanket that you can cherish for years!

If you only have a couple of items you can get a Memory Pillow or an Owl Pillow. For every Owl Pillow sold Willow Creek Studio will donate an Owl Pillow to a sick child.

Memory Blankets are a super-cute way to commemorate a time your kids’ life through the clothing they wore. They make sentimental, unique and thoughtful gifts for any occasion.

Click here to purchase a Memory Blanket. Prices start at $95.00.


Photos courtesy of Willow Creek Studio

I was not compensated for this post. I received a sample.

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