Laser Maze from ThinkFun: for Kids Who Love a Challenge


Laser-1004-LoResSpillI am always trying to make learning fun for my kids. It is even more relevant now that school’s out and I want to make sure they don’t forget what they learned in the past year. Between the TV, pool and play dates, it’s important to keep their brain active and challenged and ThinkFun has just what I need to make sure my kids use their brains over the summer and keep learning in a fun way.

We’re big fans of ThinkFun Jr. at our home and already own Snack Attack (my four-year-old’s favorite) and Rush Hour Jr. (my six-year-old’s favorite) and I was looking for more games like Rush Hour where you have to arrange cars on a grid in order to move one out. I came across a brand-new game that ThinkFun has just come out with: Laser Maze. I recently received it for review and loved the original concept. You have to arrange tokens in a way that a laser beam can go through them all. The game is for ages 8 to adult so I sat with my six-year-old daughter and together, we figure it out. Since she’s only six she’s unable to figure out completely on her own but she’s having a blast trying. She loves positioning the tokens in various ways and you can tell she is trying to figure out the logic of how to get the laser beam to hit all of the tokens. I’m learning right along with her and I’m so proud that she is interested in the challenge! In addition to practicing her reading, writing and math, a logic game to keep her mind active is a must for the summer vacation.


You can purchase Laser Maze here. Price is $29.99

I was not compensated for this post. I received a sample.


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