Frozen Bananas + Yonanas = Out-of-this-World Ice Cream!


81hpMUB1QCL._SL1500_Everyone loves ice cream, especially in the summer, but that doesn’t mean you need to fill up on unhealthy ice cream or compromise on taste with low-fat brands. With Yonanas you can easily make ice cream out of bananas and other frozen fruit and enjoy a healthy version of ice cream. Yonanas is a small, affordable kitchen gadget that does miracles with frozen fruit. How does the ice cream taste? Read to find out!

I recently received Yonanas for review. It is so simple to use, it is really a no-brainer. Just insert frozen bananas one after another (after thawing them for about 10 minutes) and push them down with the plunger. That’s it! My kids loved helping me make them – my son handed me the frozen bananas and my daughter made sure the bowl was steady while the ice cream was coming out. We made ice cream with bananas and frozen mango so we alternated – a banana, half a cup of mango, a banana, half a cup of mango and a banana. This was so good and wholesome and everyone, including my ten-month-old, devoured it in a couple of minutes.

We also tried it with Ghirardelli milk chocolate chips. I forgot to alternate with the bananas so I just put them in the end and mixed. It was pure heaven. You can add all types of frozen fruit, nuts, nut butter, chocolate chips and more and also add any type of topping you like – the combinations are endless. Cleaning is also simple – just rinse the parts in warm water – it’s very easy to put them together.

banana-recipes-300x225It’s so refreshing to be able to enjoy home-made ice cream that’s easy to make and with affordable ingredients. Plus, there are obvious health benefits to eating fruit and avoiding the heavy creams and sugars in store-bought ice cream.

There is a downside, however: bananas do have high amounts of natural sugar and carbohydrate so if you’re a diabetic you should speak to a nutritionist before eating Yonanas’ ice cream, as you would with any type of sweets. Also, just because it’s all-natural and good for you, this doesn’t mean you can eat high quantities of it. Still, it is a fantastic dessert and perfect for kids who start whining when they see the ice cream truck. Who knew all it takes to make kids happy is to freeze some bananas?

You can purchase Yonanas here. Price is $49.95

I was not compensated for this post. I received a sample.

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