Eco-Friendly Gifts for the Holidays and Year-Round


green mom guide logoI’ve noticed that everyone around me is becoming more conscious about the environment. My friends and my family are all trying to buy local and organic whenever possible; everyone’s more aware about recycling and people in general are just looking more for eco-friendly items for their family, whether it’s cleaning detergents, organic clothes or toys for their kids. When it comes to eco-friendly toys it seems like almost every online kids’ store has some and it can get confusing to try and figure out what’s eco-friendly and safe for your child and what isn’t. Luckily there’s a new website called Green mom Guide that neatly organizes eco-friendly items and even explains in detail their environmental or health value.

Green Mom Guide is the only green mom and baby site with a dedicated pediatrician. Aside for a plethora of items it has a very informative blog that covers interesting topis all moms can relate to, regardless of how “green” their lifestyle is. I recently got a chance to see some holiday gift offerings and I saw lots of unique, hand-made items. Here’s some of what I loved:


collage2I got a chance to sample a really cool item from Green Mom Guide – the Boo Boo Bag, which is a cold/warm rice therapy bag. We keep ours in the freezer and it feels very gentle on the skin, as opposed to the typical ice packs. It’s handmade out of natural burlap and unbleached canvas, which are sustainable fabrics.

Click here to purchase the Boo Boo Bag ($22) and be sure to visit Green Mom Guide as you begin making your holiday shopping list.

I was not compensated for this post. I received a sample.


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