Field Station: Dinosaurs in New Jersey


IMG_3639Field Station: Dinosaurs in New Jersey, the popular park with the animatronic dinosaurs had a special weekend and we recently attended one of the days. The weekend was sponsored by LaQ Construction System and my kids had a blast seeing the dinosaurs and playing with the LaQ blocks. The park is a short drive from Manhattan; in fact, you can even see the Empire State Building in the distance in the picture above of the T-Rex. Here are some highlights from our day:

T-Rex came for a visit during one of the shows:

IMG_3645We saw a really cool model of a skyscraper made of LaQ blocks, plus all types of dinosaurs and trucks made of blocks. LaQ sells kits for building dinosaurs such as a T-Rex and a Triceratops, along with many other themes, as well as free-style.


IMG_3603The kids had fun digging for dinosaur bones, plus we got to see real dinosaur fossils that have been found in New Jersey.

IMG_3620It was a beautiful day and we didn’t mind the few drops of rain (neither did the dinosaurs).

IMG_3577Visit for more information.

I was not compensated for this post. I received complimentary tickets.


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