Two Must-Have Hair Products for this Summer


hair CollageI know I’m not the only one who finds it a challenge to have beautiful, healthy-looking hair in the summertime. The humidity is taking its toll on it and it seems like putting it in a pony tail or a bun is the only sane option. I recently discovered two products that have made my hair look healthy and lustrous so I’ve been wearing it down more and I’m feeling like maybe hair in the summertime can be a nice thing, for a change.

motions-deep-penetrating-treatmentHumid weather causes frizz. That’s a fact. And it happens mainly with dry hair, which, unfortunately, is what I have. The solution? Keep your hair moisturized. One incredible product is the Deep Penetrating Treatment from Motions. It contains pumpkin seed extract, collagen and Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, which is derived from coconut oil. I tried it after shampooing my hair and it sealed in the moisture for over a day. My hair didn’t look nearly as frizzy as usual and I was able to wear it down and not worry about pouffy dry hair that just looks unhealthy and ungroomed. When applying the product you’re supposed to cover your hair after putting on the cream and sit under the drier for 10 minutes but since I was home I just rinsed it off after a few minutes and still got fantastic results. You can buy the Deep Penetrating Treatment at major retailers such as Target and Walmart as well as drugstores and also online here for $5.99.

ColorWow_DarkBrown_RetoucherI color my hair every six weeks, but I am not very happy about all the chemicals. Professional hair color is the only thing that covers my grays so I try to stretch it out for as long as I can. It just so happens that all of the really fun events like special outings, weddings and other important events are always a couple of weeks before it’s time to color again. Does this mean I have to look frumpy when I finally get to go out? Not at all! Color Wow is a root cover up that is so simple to use and covers grays nicely. I tried it two weeks before I was due for my hair appointment and was happy it covered most of my grays. You can see my “before & after” in the pics below. Each kit is supposed to last for 60 applications and the color stays in until you wash your hair. Color Wow comes in 6 different shades. You can buy it here for $34.50.

hair 1 Collage I was not compensated for this post. I received  samples.


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