End Summer with a Bang (or a Splash!) at Splish Splash Water Park in Long Island


IMG_4679Everyone is getting ready for school but we still have a few warm days left this summer. If you’re looking for one last hoorah a water park may be the answer. I took my daughter who’s six to Splish Splash Water Park in Long Island and we had an amazing time! Because she’s young we focused on the kiddie slides and family-friendly rides. We enjoyed going on some slides over and over because the park wasn’t as packed. The season is ending September 2nd so take advantage of the short lines and go while it’s still hot out! Here are pictures from our day, plus tips.


The ride in the picture below (“Mammoth River”) took a lot of courage from my daughter to go on, but once she agreed to go she liked it so much she went twice!



“Parrots of the Caribbean” is the only show in the park and showcases four parrots doing cute tricks. It was a hoot!



So did we have fun? I think this look says it all!



  • If you plan on going now, the timing is perfect because right now most slides/rides don’t have much of a wait, especially the kiddie slides. If you plan on going next season, late June and most of July is peak season and the really popular rides have a longer wait time. Since we’re at the end of the season we only waited around 20 minutes for the popular rides.
  • The best way to plan your day is to do the kiddie rides in the morning and then go to the bigger rides (this will also help a younger child get accustomed to the slides and they won’t be as afraid to try the bigger slides/rides). After lunch it’s best to go to the show so that you’re not in water with a full belly. There are also carnival games that are fun to play.
  • If you plan on getting desserts (like funnel cake and Dipping Dots) don’t wait until the end of the day because a lot of people seem to get food to take with them as they leave the park. Mid-afternoon is a better time.

Splish Splash Water Park is located at 2549 Splish Splash Drive, Calverton, NY 11933

Hours: 10-6 (check schedule for updates)

Price: $39.99 for anyone 48′ and taller; $29.99 under 48′ and Senior Citizens (kids under 2 are free).

You can get $2.00 off per ticket if you buy it online.

Visit Splish Splash at their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter.

I was not compensated for this post. I received complimentary tickets.

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