Check Out Ruum for Amazing Prices and Cool Clothes for Kids


IMG_4386As a mom of three young kids who are constantly growing out of their clothes I find it a challenge to be able to afford to dress them all fashionable. I have a daughter going into first grade, a son going into pre-k and a baby who wears mostly hand-me-downs, but who could use a couple of new (re: unstained) items. So I want to get the most bang out of my buck and the new brand, Ruum, is a place to start if you’re into both fashion and  saving money. I recently went to a shopping event co-hosted by KidzVuz at one of their stores in the Palisades Mall. I scored awesome clothes for the coming school year and also found summer clothes with huge markdowns at the back of the store. Here are some of my favorites:

Summer to Fall transitional clothes:


A nod to current trends:


My daughter went GAGA for the hot pink dresses:


Lots of colors and sporty outfits for boys:


Cool patterns and plaids:


Cute knit outfits for infants:ruum1 Collage

Colorful accessories:


If some of these clothes remind you of The Children’s Place it’s no coincidence. Founder of Ruum, Ezra Dabah, is the former CEO of The Children’s Place, so he knows a thing or two about kids’ apparel. Ruum seems very fashion-forward and trendy. Many of the outfits that I saw at the store bring to mind adult fashion I’ve been seeing on the streets on New York.

Visit Ruum to check out more clothes and get 30% off any three items or click here to see a list of stores.

I was not compensated for this post. I received a gift card to shop at the store. As always, all opinions are my own.

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