Fall & Winter Clothes for Boys: Classic with a Twist


861818-u11_A-1I have two boys ages One and Four. Whenever I go shopping I tend to buy mostly clothes for my older one in hopes that he’ll keep them clean enough for the baby to wear when he’s older. I put a lot of emphasis on quality and Levi’s is a brand that reflects quality, casual clothes. Converse, the popular shoe company, now has clothes with really cool designs. Between the two brands I found some “classic with a twist” items for my boys that are perfect for the fall/winter season.

I am particularly on the lookout for comfortable, casual clothes that can be worn for school and also on weekends and that can last through a lot of washings. Here are some items from Levi’s that I love (I’ve also included where they can be purchased):

816845_LAVADO_A-2 $42, Macy’s5505_751_A-2$42, Macy’s

BoysTruckerJacketCamo-1$58, Amazon

I found some cute transitional clothes from Converse that can be worn now and over a long-sleeved shirt once the weather gets colder:

961804_023_a$18, Kohl’s 861818-u11_A-1$18, Belk & Converse

This sweatshirt is perfect for Fall weekends: 1654-390-A-1$44, JC Penney

I was not compensated for this post. I received samples.


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