Holiday Shopping: 4 Fantastic Gifts for the Kitchen from T-fal


A9108972_ProS14JumboWokRTI’ve spent a good amount of the month of August doing some back-to-school shopping for the kids. While I was at the stores I couldn’t help but look around for some holiday shopping as well. Kitchen items are always a big hit because everyone likes to update what they have, plus get new and innovative items that can help making cooking easier. T-fal, the brand that introduced the nonstick frying pan to the world has some amazing kitchen products that are priced to fit your budget and offer great value as well as quality for your loved ones this holiday season. Here are my top 4 picks for T-fal holiday gift ideas (start shopping early to score some good deals):

Cooking in large batches is something I do on a regular basis so a good Wok is crucial. Even though I’ve been cooking for years I still have a problem figuring out when the wok is hot enough to put the food in. The T-fal Jumbo Wok, along with many other T-fal products, has a Thermo-Spot heat indicator that shows exactly when the pan is perfectly preheated. I tried it at home and couldn’t believe how much quicker the food cooked when I placed it at the right time. I usually have to race against the clock and cook while watching my kids at the same time, so having the food cook faster means less time in the kitchen. You can purchase the T-fal Nonstick 14-Inch Jumbo Wok for $28.49.A9108972_ProS14JumboWokRTI also got a chance to try the 12.5 inch saute pan. Like the wok it has a Thermo-Spot, as well as a base which delivers superior heat distribution. Even something as simple as a sunny-side-up egg can be cooked quicker because the the entire egg is heated evenly at the same time. So the egg tastes better because you don’t get some runny parts and some burnt parts. And all pans have a nonstick interior as well as exterior, which makes cleaning easier. Both are dishwasher safe and have a safe non-stick coating.Professional_12.5in_Saute_thermo_HiYou can purchase the T-fal Professional Total Nonstick 12.5-Inch Fry Pan/Saute Pan for $33.99.


Another great product that can make a fun gift is the T-fal Ice Cream Maker. You can easily make ice cream, gelato and frozen yogurt in 30 minutes and it includes a recipe book. You can purchase the ice cream maker here for $34.99.Compact_FryerFor those who are limited on space but want to be able to use a deep fryer, the T-fal Compact Deep Fryer is a good choice. It has a food capacity of 2.2 lbs. and a dishwasher-safe basket. You can purchase it here for $39.99.

I was not compensated for this post. I received samples.


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