Don’t Miss: Peter Pan at the New Victory Theater


BELVOIR_PeterPan 03_Geraldine Hakewill (c) Brett BoardmanI don’t think I know a single person who doesn’t love the story of Peter Pan and his adventures in Neverland. The Disney movie is one of my personal favorites of the Disney films so I was excited to take my daughter to a performance at the New Victory Theater this past weekend. My daughter has read the story that’s based on the Disney movie so she was familiar with it and I was curious to see this adaptation by the Belvoir Theater which hails from Sydney Australia. The Belvoir is considered one of Australia’s most innovative and acclaimed theater companies (Cate Blanchett and Geoffrey Rush have performed there). Australians do things a little differently so I was looking forward to seeing this interpretation of the classic story.

Well, turns out that the Aussies have stuck to the story and the basic plot. They just added a lot of humor in the form of clever quips. The script is peppered with wit and many of the jokes are geared for adults (which was fine by me). My 6.5 year-old daughter was watching the performance with a little smile on her face for most of the time (except during some battle scenes) and truly enjoyed the show. It was full of imagination, creativity and lots of laughter from the audience). I won’t get into the plot because everyone knows the story of Peter Pan so I’ll just conclude that this particular adaptation is well-worth seeing for those who love Peter Pan, or just good family theater.BELVOIR_PeterPan 01_(c) Brett BoardmanIt’s important to mention that this play is for kids ages 7 and up and for a good reason. The dialogue, which, at times, was hysterically funny and witty is not something young kids can understand or even sit through. And there was a lot of it, although there were lot of action scenes as well. In other words, very young kids (which I saw more than a few of in the theater) may not be able to sit through the 85-minute performance.

In addition, before going I strongly recommend having your kids familiarize themselves with the story. The Disney version is sufficient. There are characters like Smee and Tiger Lily that only pop on stage a couple of times for just a minute or two but someone not familiar with the story might not understand who they are and what their role is.

This family-friendly production is playing this coming weekend. Be sure to check it out at the New Victory Theater in Times Square.

When: October 12th at 2pm & 7pm
October 13th at 12pm & 5pm

Where: The New Victory Theater
209 West 42nd Street, Between 7&8 Avenues, New York

Price: $14-$48 per person

To Purchase Tickets click here.

To purchase by phone call (646) 223-3010

Box office is open Sunday & Monday 11am-5pm; Tuesday-Saturday 12pm-7pm

All photos by Brett Boardman

I was not compensated for this post. I received tickets to the show.


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