Snacks for Babies & Moms that are Both Yummy & Healthy!


snacks 2 CollageMy one-year-old is a big eater and an even bigger snacker. I find it really difficult to come up with snack ideas that are also good to take on the run. Cheerios is very popular in our household but I want to give him a variety, while still focusing on healthy food. I found a company that makes the perfect snacks for little hands, as well as a company that has some great snacks for moms.EKUS_Puffits_raspberry_vanilla_pack_84590100193Ella’s Kitchen is a  multiple award-wining company that was started seven years ago. Its founder is a father who had a picky toddler and wanted to make healthy, organic food that kids really want and that is fun to eat. Ella’s Kitchen have a wide range of food for kids of all ages: from 4-month-old infants to toddlers and are the first company to introduce pouches to the baby food market.

I recently received Puffits, Munchy Biscuits and Nibbly Fingers for review. What I loved about them most (other than the fact that my baby devoured them) was the extremely low sugar content. The Nibbly Fingers and Munchy Biscuits have two grams of sugar in each pack and basically taste like unsweetened cookies. The Puffits have one gram of sugar per package and honestly tasted like cardboard to me, but my baby loved them. They make the perfect alternative to Cheerios. My older kids liked all of the snacks as well, which was surprising because they didn’t taste sweet at all. These are so easy to just have in the diaper bag or purse. You can buy them on Amazon.

Carrington-Farms-Flax-PaksWhat about for moms? Carrington Farms makes Organic Milled Flax Packs, which are individually-sized packets that contain only organic milled flax. Flax is a great vegetarian source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids and is suitable for vegetarians or vegans. These have 2800 mg of omega 3’s which is are beneficial for heart and brain health and also give you that glowing skin. They’re perfect to take with you and sprinkle on your salad during lunch or add to yogurt for a healthy afternoon snack. They contain 3 grams carbs and 3 grams fiber (so they’re actually zero carbs) and have a nice amount of iron as well. You can buy them here.


Craving some chocolate and want something filling? Usana makes protein snacks that are big on flavor and protein (12 grams!) and low on fat and calories. My favorite is Fudge Delite. It tastes like a brownie but not as sweet and rich – just enough to satisfy my sweet tooth craving and it’s very filling and delicious. Other flavors are Choco Chip and Peanutty Bliss. You can buy them here.

I was not compensated for this post. I received samples.

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