Affordable Products to Prevent the 5 Signs of Aging Hair


slide000aColoring your hair at home can be tricky.  Whether you want to cover grays or because you want a different look – it’s not easy to get results that look like you went to a salon. AGEbeautiful has products for coloring hair at home, as well as after coloring that were developed especially to prevent aging hair. What are the signs of aging hair and how to prevent them? Read to find out!

The five signs of aging hair are: thinning, wiry gray, turning gray, dryness and dullness. Both the hair coloring products and hair care products contain ingredients made especially to prevent them. Some of the ingredients are: phyto-collagen, to provide moisture and nourishment and Keratin Peptide, to improve texture, add strength and prevent structural hair damage.

SBS-124680AGEbeautiful products are permanent and demi-permanent hair color, developers, The Blonding Collection (for blonde highlights) and hair care (which includes shampoo, conditioner, hair spray and more). I recently got to sample the Fullness & Body Shampoo and Fullness & Body Conditioner. After two washes (I typically wash my hair twice a week) I noticed that my hair was looking very thick, which was nice. I have been experiencing hairloss since my youngest was born (which I know is normal) and it seemed like my hair was looking fuller. The ColorLock Complex in the shapmoo and conditioner keeps the hair color more vibrant (up to 50% longer). The conditioner seemed to make the hair a bit softer. I love how affordable this line is and the large bottles (10 oz.) can last for a long time.

SBS-124681You can find AGEbeautiful products at

I was not compensated for this post. I received samples.


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