Don’t Miss: Ballerina Swan in NYC


BallerinaSwan0130For many little girls, Ballet is a big part of their lives. Feeling unsuccessful or worthless is a big part of every single one of us, at some point in our lives and when it comes to our children we all, as parents, want to try to encourage them as much as we can to believe in themselves no matter what others say. The show Ballerina Swan deals with this specific issue and uses ballet and friendship as a way to overcome this. I recently saw it with my kids and we all thought it was simply charming!

Ballerina Swan is based on the book by the same name, written by renowned New York City Ballet prima ballerina Allegra Kent and is a part of the “Making Books Sing” series. The story is about a swan from Central Park named Sophie who wants to join a ballet dance class and learn to dance. The ballet teacher keeps putting her down and telling her she’s not good enough but with the helps of her friends Sophie perseveres and improves and even passes the audition and gets into the show, Swan Lake! The show is written by Barbara Zinn Krieger and is a blend of dance, theater and puppetry. There are three actors/dancers as well as a swan puppet and a dancer/puppeteer, all of whom are professionally-trained dancers.BallerinaSwan0117

I saw the show with my three kids: my 6-year-old daughter, who is a fan of ballet, was a no-brainer – she loved every second of the show. My 4-year-old son surprisingly paid attention the entire time! And most surprisingly, my one-year-old sat mesmerized as soon as Sophie got on stage and lasted for almost the entire 50 minute-duration of the show! I have to admit I didn’t hear a peep from any other younger audience members – everyone just sat and watched quietly and intently. It must have been the beautiful choreography (by Michael McGowan) and ballet dancing to classical pieces like Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake and Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. Or it could be Sophie – the adorable swan who was silly, endearing and very human-like in her behavior.

Aside from the relatable storyline, Ballerina Swan is also a great way to introduce your kids to ballet; there is a narrator, it’s shorter than a full-length ballet performance and some of the ballet movements were explained to the kids (at one point the audience is encouraged to get up from their seats and do some dance movements). The show is suited for kids ages 3-8.

When: Through November 24th, 2013
Wed-Fri: 10:30am
Fri & Sat: 11am & 2pm

Where: Theater 3
311 West 43rd Street (at 8th Avenue), 3rd floor, New York

Price: $25 general admission; $45 premium seating. $95 per family 4-pack.

To purchase tickets call (646) 250-1178 or click here.BallerinaSwan0130Photos by Carol Rosegg

I was not compensated for this post. I received tickets to the show.

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