Disney’s Frozen: Gorgeous Images of Snow & Ice in a Timeless Tale


frozen523797d0f0bb9If you’re read Hans Christian Andersen’s classic story, the Snow Queen, you may have felt transported into a faraway land of ice and bitter cold, even if it was only in your mind. Frozen, Disney’s new 3D film that’s loosely based on the Snow Queen takes you on a ride in the deep, frosty snow and up atop of milky-white mountains.

In order to make this believable the art production crew of Frozen has done some extensive research. They walked through snow in Wyoming; they observed how light reflects and refracts on snow and ice in Quebec; And in Norway they got to see the scope and scale of the ice, the fjords and the mountainous regions. Clearly, it paid off – the film is a celebration of anything snow or ice-related.frozen520e61c7bae80But that’s not everything. In the background there is a beautiful story of sisterly love: Princess Elsa, the oldest, has magic powers to turn everything she touches into ice and runs away from her family to protect those she loves. And Princess Anna, her younger, hopelessly optimistic sister is determined to find her, bring her back and save the kingdom from an eternal winter that was caused by Elsa. Anna journeys through snowy mountain peaks and must overcome obstacles such as life-threatening icy conditions, as well as Elsa’s resistance.frozen526ecbf51cde3The film is enhanced by fantastic acting by Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell as the voices of Elsa and Anna, respectively and includes fun, catchy songs and a somewhat-surprising (but very fulfilling) ending. My kids (ages 6 and 4) sat glued to their seats and they loved the film (although they held my hands tightly during a couple of somewhat-scary scenes). I had some concerns about whether is was inappropriate for my 4-year-old but there was really nothing to be concerned about. It’s simply a stunningly beautiful movie that’s pure entertainment.

Frozen is rated PG and is opening tomorrow, November 27th.

I was not compensated for this post. Thank you to The Moms and Samsung Galaxy for providing tickets..


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